Fees Information

– All the fees have to be paid at the time of admission, failing which the candidate will to be admitted to the course.

– The Second Year Fee has to be paid before appearing in First Year University – Examination. The Final Year Fee has to be paid before appearing in Second Year University Examination failing which the candidate will not be allowed to appear in the University Examination.
– No fee shall be refunded to the candidate on any discontinuation of the course.
– If the candidate wishes to drop out of the course midway he/she will have to pay the fees for all the years of study before obtaining the T.C.
– The Exam Fee of the University will be borne by the Student.
– Every student has to submit Rs. 200/- for the College Magazine to the Director or the head of the their department.
– In case of any major change in the duration or curriculum of the course the fees structure may be revised with the consent of the students.
– All the fees shall be deposited as per the rules of payment of fees. After paying all the fees due, students are required to obtain no-dues certificate for getting admit cared to allow them to sit in any examination conducted by the College.
– Security deposit shall be refunded after completion of one year.
– If they students shall not claim refund of the security deposit with in a period two years, the same shall be deemed to have been deposited with the College Fund.
– There is provision for granting exemption in tuition fees to own younger brothers and sisters seeking admission in the college up to 50%, which will be returned at the end of the academic year.
– Fees once deposited shall not be refunded at any cost.