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Panchakarma is one of the unique therapeutic procedure in Ayurveda advocated for the radical elimination of disease.


Swedana (Sudation)- Prodedure used to induce sweating with or without use of heat.


Vamana- (Emesis) - Elimination of morbid doses in the body through the mouth.

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Rajeev Gandhi Ayurveda College, Bhopal has already proved itself and set bench mark in the field of education. The challenging task of guiding the young generation is taken care with Zeal, sincerity, patience and commitment by dedicated teachers. The Rajeev Gandhi Ayurveda College team believes that anything and everything can be achieved by persuasion, perseverance, dedication and by being focused. Our institution is a power house, and the mentors are the torch bearers who guide the students to move on the right path even in darkness. The management is supporting the staff wholeheartedly in their endeavours.
Mr. Sandeep Chouhan
Rajeev Gandhi Ayurveda College, Bhopal unleashed a new era of education long back. It has reached its zenith by the incessant hard work and determination of its mentors. All have endevoured for the excellent work. The commendable job done by the teachers with the full support from management is rewarded by the performances of the students who have brought laurels to the school. I appreciate the staff members and the students for their sincere efforts and hope that these golden qualities of the staff and the students will take this institution a long way.
Mr. Sajid Ali
Usually, what is fearful for us is to experience something for the first time. Therefore, since we equipped the courage to take the initial step of it, what only left is, the half, the effort to maintain courage till the end. if we hesitate to face the difficulty and take the easy way from the first it tends to go on and reaches the result of being failed. However, if we challenge it once, it takes less to confront remaining problem thinking 'I have already overcome the first obstacle and what will get worse'. I would also like to discuss our mission statement for the coming years - "Qualitative Education - need for the hours".
Mr. Bhagwati

Therapies Available

in Rajeev Gandhi Hospital & College, Bhopal

Hot Foot Bath

Placing feet in hot water regulates blood circulation and is useful in asthma, headache, insomnia, menstruation related ailments.


The cleansing of nose, eyes & brain impurities is undertaken by this process by flowing water through nose and cleansing the nasal tract by inserting a thin rubber pipe.

Spinal Bath

Especially useful in ailments like spondylitis, sciatica, hypertension and insomnia.

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